Can’t access the ipcamera in the internet?

Q:Can’t access the ipcamera in the internet?

here are some reasons:
1 ActiveX controller is not installed correctly.
2 The port ipcamera used is blocked by Firewall or Anti-virus software.Please change a port number and try again.
3 Port mapping is not success.You can do port mapping by two ways:
–a.Enter setting page of the router which ipcamera connect with to enable UPNP function.Enter ipcamera “Upnp Settings” to enable UPNP and make sure the state is “Upnp success”.
–b.If your router has the Virtual Map function.Enter router setting page,add ipcamera’s IP and port to the Virtual map list.

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2 Responses to Can’t access the ipcamera in the internet?

  1. Craig Castro says:

    I recently purchased 4 Foscams (3 FI8918W & 1 FI8904W) and need assistance with the following:
    1) Foscam FI8904w was working but lost IP settings so I did RESET and can no longer get the unit to appear whatsoever when I use IP Finder. Therefore, camera is not able to be configured whatsoever. I need help getting the camera to even be recognized on my network (with ethernet cable plugged directly into my router).
    2) Foscam FI8918ws work great on my internal WiFi network. I can enter the IP address in my Safari browser and access the camera UI login screen. However, I have tried EVERYTHING in an attempt to make the camera accessible via the internet with NO success. I’ve experiemented with various PORT FORWARDING/MAPPING configurations to no avail. I have even tried the approach but NO SUCCESS.

    I would VERY MUCH appreciate help in resolving these issues before purchasing another 5-8 cameras for my 2nd home. I paid the $59 for Remote Installation on the Foscam web site but cannot get anyone to pick up the phone or return emails. I happen to stumble on your e-Foscam web site today and was relieved to find a California source for help. Please email me with best way to obtain help from you. Thank you, Craig Castro – Fresno, CA mobile phone: 559.341.4888