How Can I Register DDNS service?

Q: How Can I Register DDNS service?

A: Please go to the fallowing DDNS provider or the other DDNS provider company. Register a account and finish the register procedure. Then apply a Domain on the DDNS provider. Then input the Domain name (from by DDNS provider), User Name (account of the DDNS), Password (password for the DDNS) and DDNS Server address (Please find in the DDNS provider Web Page) or the IP Server address in Your IPCam configuration. Then presses apply for Enable the DDNS services.

For example:

Dynamic DNS: Enable

Domain Name:

User Name: xxxxxxxx

Password: ●●●●●●


Here are some Free DDNS providers: (recommended DDNS provide)

DDNS Service must operation under Real IP environment, if the IPCam is behind the NAT router or the Firewall. Please set NAT redirection or DMZ functions to the IPCam IP address.

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