How to find out the foscam ip camera ip address without ip camera tools

We all know that the purpose of “IP Camera Tools” is to find out the IP address of IP Camera in LAN (Local Area Network). However, if we don’t have “IP Camera tools” in hand, or our Operating System is Linux systems such as Centos, Ubuntu, etc., what can we do? This article will help you solve this problem.

1. The default port of Foscam IP camera is 80. If you modified it, you should know what the port is. If you forget, you can reset the camera back to port 80.

2. Jot down the MAC address of your Camera. You can find the MAC address on the bottom of Foscam cameras. For example, the MAC of my camera is “BC:30:5B:C0:8B:96”.

3. Connect your IP camera to your router using a RJ45 Ethernet cable. Then turn on the IP camera. Wait for 60 seconds to let camera finish the initialization process.

4. You can find out the IP address of your camera from your router’s assigned IP address list. For example, my router is Cisco RV 120W. You can login router control panel by accessing, then click Status->Available LAN Hosts in the left pane.

Then you can find the entry with MAC address “BC:30:5B:C0:8B:96“. The corresponding IP address is

foscam fi8918w - find out ip address

5. In your browser, you can login IP camera control panel by accessing

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